Four Point Playing Cards is a deck of unique cards originally illustrated by hand in charcoal and ink.  Inspired by the intricate designs of money, ancient symbols, yoga mudras and geometry, these originals are available on Kickstarter to help fund the first production run of the deck through the US Playing Card Company. 
card back and king of diamonds
ace of spades and queen of hearts
jack of clubs and number card
all 20 original charcoal and ink drawings
original drawing, 15" x 21", charcoal and ink on heavyweight illustration board
limited edition print poster, 2 color screen, 18"x24"
uncut sheet of cards, framed
Second color deck, "Mint".  Silver embossed foil on charcoal tuck box.  Green and gray on ivory cards.
premium cotton bandana, single color screen
reduction screen on ultra-soft slim-fit t-shirt

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